IMB Requests May 9, 2019

I want to take a couple of sentences to tell everyone thank you for praying for our missionaries. In the past two months, I have gotten to know several of our missionaries and they all express their gratitude for the intercession. I try to tell all of them that I’m just putting these requests out there. It’s you guys who take the time out of your day to lift these requests up to our Heavenly Father who deserve the thanks, but I know those of you who read this blog or follow on social media do not pray for personal recognition. You pray for God’s glory and gospel advance to every nation and every tribe on earth. Thank you, and now our prayer requests for today.

Let’s start with the Ramadan guide again:

Muslims in the Great Bend Cluster: There are 208 People groups in the Great Bend cluster with a majority Muslim population. These Muslim majority people groups contain over 121 million people or more than 25% of the population of the Great Bend cluster.

Pray Psalm 63:1-3 over these 208 PGs. Pray that God would be gracious to these peoples and bless them and make his face shine upon them SO THAT His way might be known on earth, His saving power among ALL nations.

Most Americans view the world through a guilt/innocence worldview. However, most Muslims look through a lens of honor/shame. This means we must share the Gospel in appropriate ways. For help in understanding how to share a Gospel presentation which might resonate with Muslims, go to and watch the “Back to God’s Village” video.

I don’t know how many of our readers come into contact with Muslims on a daily basis, but this prayer guide has action steps for those who come into regular contact with Muslims.

Here are some requests from Europe:

Some ladies will be in a European city May 10-15 for Ladies LAB (evangelism training and practice). Pray for safe and uncomplicated travel and participation on the streets of this city. Pray for them as they lead the training.

From May 10-12 colleagues in another country will be going away with national partners for a weekend retreat. Please pray that this would be a refreshing time with shared vision, unity and sweet fellowship.

On May 10-11, a colleague in one country will lead a men’s outing into the mountains. It will be 24-hours of “brothers in arms” focused on godly living and leading. Pray for these men to grow into the men God is wanting them to be.

Pray for a gathering of National Pastors in a major city in the Balkans for an Evangelism Conference, May 10-13. Pastors will be partnered with local churches and other GCCs to share the Gospel in the city. Pray for open hearts to receive the Good News. Also pray for an awakening of the local believers to share boldly. May God be glorified.

Please pray for the 35 students who are coming for regular English lessons to a group in Western Hungary. Pray that relationships will develop for the gospel to be shared.

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